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    LoNELY is an pixel art graphics, RPG game project, focused on story development, characters and systems of trust. Being developed in Game Maker Studio.
The player is a shy and reserved boy, who ends up in an unknown world after finding a book left by his father.


    The game takes place in the Kingdom of Soron, a world made up of three continents and six distinct regions. Each region has a different landscape, as well as different cultures and languages. The first region to be explored is High Stone, located on the eastern coast of the central continent, a mountainous region with a cold climate.



    The player has a confidence level for each character, just as each character has a level of confidence for the player, these values define how NPCs act on certain occasions.

    The battle system is turn based, limited by a time that can vary according to the enemy and the situation, mini-games simulate attack and defense. Battles can be avoided and enemies can be spared, results may vary.

    The project started in June 2016,  got on hold during 2017 to 2018 and is expected to be finished around 2022 to 2023. The current team in charge of the development is composed by the following members:


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